Thursday, May 14, 2009

Dude! What are you wearing!?!

Check your clothing labels. Go on... do it! Where were your clothes made? Chances are that the clothes we are wearing were produced by someone in a "less developed country" (LDSs) for a fraction of what it would cost to produce in Germany or in the USA. What are the cost and benefits of this? How do we "trade" with people who might only earn a few Euros/Dollars a week? Is such a system beneficial? For whom?


  1. Most of our clothes are made in china. The thing is... Places like Taiwan make our name brand cloths and the U.S. buys them for a cheap price from the other countries and sells them to consumers in this country at a much higher price. So basically it is beneficial to the countries that are getting the goods and not the ones producing them. So the countries that are producing the goods like Jamaica, are simply being used and taken advantage of only because we can get goods from them at a cheaper price.

  2. More and more companies go abroad to produce their products in LDSs to raise their benefits. The costs for the companies are very low because of the cheap workers and then they sell their products world wide for high prices. Such a system isn´t fair morally of course, because the people ware exploited. A counter-argument could be that less developed countries are helped to advance

  3. When I regard my clothes, most of them are produced in China or Taiwan. I also have other clothes which are manufacturered in the USA for example but I had to pay a higher price for it than for other clothes. Normally the LDSs produced the clothes which are sold to companies like Adidas or Puma for some Euros and then, because of the name, sold to us with an impact of 100 % or even more. The companies make a lot of money and people in the LDSs have a job. But in our countries sempstresses are unemployed. In return, when they don't care about brands, they could buy clothes very cheap. Isn't it wonderful?