Tuesday, May 12, 2009


"Where do I as an individual fit into the global competition and opportunities of today?" Try to answer Friedman's question by looking at the requirements, chances, and dangers, that globalization mean for YOU.
What must a young "globalized citizen" be able to do to be "successful"?


  1. Today we are all fit into the global competition. In times of German high taxes which could be over 40 % it's glittering to work abroad. But when you want to work in another country you need some qualifications. For example English is unavoidable. In most of the foreign companies German isn't the common language. The more languages you are able to speak the merrier. But you also have to welcome different cultures with open arms. In a globalized world you need to accept and live with other reloigions and cultures. When I want to work or study abroad I have to be the best. I have to be competitive and be better than the others.

  2. Globalization for me as a single person has influenced my life very much. 50 years ago it wasn't imaginable that people would be able to travel everywhere in the world, doesn't matter if it's for holiday or for job-relatet reasons. Globalization is also present in school. We have to learn other languages like English or Frensh, in our religion class we get to know about the Islam or Buddhism and in Geographics we analyse the economy and the geographical structures of America. All these information are necessary for us to get good jobs. The daily news inform us about the worlds' happenings because most of the times it has consequences for our own country, too. This can also be negative, as it can be seen in the world economy crisis. Now our country has to back up all the finance companies whether they are German or they aren't. For us personal it means that our state gets more and more indepted and WE have to pay higher taxes. So we can't do anything against all these incidents than just accept them. Another example for this would be the permanent change of the gas prices. If it's 1€ or 1,50€, we have to pay for it.

  3. As a student we are in need for a lot of different things, but we can’t afford it, because it’s too expensive. The good thing is that all the materials get imported from different countries. In the states it is not mandatory to know a second language like it is in Germany if you want a good paying job, but if you do speak a second language then you will automatically be paid more than other people who don’t. The gas prices in the U.S. keep growing up and down. The highest it was, was about four dollars a gallon. The best we can do with all the changes in our country is live with it.