Thursday, May 14, 2009

You are what you eat!

We know that the way the world produces food has changed over that last 50 years. Some argue that the "globalization" of food production has created food shortages, the disappearance of the family farm, and lead to widespread food borne illnesses. What do you think? Have the benefits outweighed the costs? Refer to at least one of the following articles in your response:

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  1. Well, I wasn't quite sure what I should write about so I just waited till others from the blog give their opinion but now I see that everybody had that idea so … =)
    I like the idea of 'Farm Aid' but I think in times of free market economy this will stay a dream. People always like to buy as cheap as possible and to keep as much money as possible. Nobody is thinking about the others whether they live under the poverty line or not. As long as I have enough to eat and much money life is wonderful. Of course thats not everybodys attitude but the majority. When we really want to keep family farms we have to change our own attitude but I don't think that this will happen.